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content creators: please stop using voicemeeter to boost the low end, it makes it unlistenable

I need to spend at minimum a full year doing extra high school courses to even get the same credits and education as everyone else I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it I hate it

genuinely the largest regret I have is going applied/college, just makes those 4 years absolute worthless

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thinking about how it would be legitimately easier to wipe my high school records and start over than to try and fix my horrible current one

Update: I am inside the passport office

funny ended up having to go home but i got a ticket for going in early on Monday at least

Update: I got the third last ticket they’re giving out today

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I love line con 2 passport office edition

brave sending out spam postcards for their browser which has tracking in the qr is so on brand for them

love it that the sims 4 still doesn’t have an autosave so you can lose a casual 8 hours of gameplay if your game crashes

though wow my back hurts, probably because my counter isnt high enough for me

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past couple days ive been spending a couple hours every super late night working on my laptop on my kitchen counter and its been really nice

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did not realize how much i would like a standing desk until now

fpaste is immensely useful and im tempted to write a yiffOS version of it thats adds a couple more features that i'd like

have we actually just gone back to opening csgo cases as content

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