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Hey I'm Evie! (uwueviee on other platforms) :3

I do various Things™ relating to Rust and general OSS, including maintaining my own Linux distribution! (

If you recognize my name (other than it just being a generic name), it's because I have been on wayyy too many instances (some of which don't exist anymore!) but I've decided to just self-host one.

though wow my back hurts, probably because my counter isnt high enough for me

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past couple days ive been spending a couple hours every super late night working on my laptop on my kitchen counter and its been really nice

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did not realize how much i would like a standing desk until now

fpaste is immensely useful and im tempted to write a yiffOS version of it thats adds a couple more features that i'd like

have we actually just gone back to opening csgo cases as content

redoing my site and i need to write an entire *paragraph* about myself oh god oh shit oh fuck

interestingly my laptop seems to have better range for wifi than my ipho, wonder what the antenna layout is like

Which captioning service does linus media group use? They’re pretty bad but obviously not YouTube auto-generated.

ill probably do that tonight so i can catch up on other packages ive worked on

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i still haven't pushed any of the 32bit pkgscripts because theres a total of like 70 and i need to split them into individual commits xd

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Name and gender change guide for trans people born and living in Ontario:

I don’t want to download gmail or add my gmail accounts to my email client if I only use it once every other month to retrieve an old email

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Gmail in a mobile browser is so bad it’s gotta be on purpose

in other news: I finally took 10 minutes to update the kernel config and now yiffOS has been updated to 5.17.8

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