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Hey I'm Evie! (uwueviee on other platforms) :3

I do various Things™ relating to Rust and general OSS, including maintaining my own Linux distribution! (

If you recognize my name (other than it just being a generic name), it's because I have been on wayyy too many instances (some of which don't exist anymore!) but I've decided to just self-host one.

anyone in sf or the Bay Area wanna meet up in the next month

shout out tsa for damaging my luggage while also delivering it a day late

I'm on board WS1508 from Calgary to San Francisco. Follow me live on this link!

I'm on board WS653 from Toronto to Calgary. Follow me live on this link!

okay it probably won't auto-post until tomorrow then

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latest scott the woz video really needs to be reuploaded with an obvious photosensitivity warning, the current "warning" isn't enough for the amount of flicker thats present

had this laptop for like a month and i just now notice it has a dedicated print screen button

based tbh

$10 a month to introduce licensing issues


this does mean i have to get my blog functioning

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tempted to actually do this because its very possible

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gonna make a series of blog posts where i go into detail about running your own cloudflare (with the free network outages!)

having a great time watching cat videos on while cloudflare is on fire

quick reminder, cloudflare dns is also fucked so maybe quickly switch off of that if you're getting issues on non cloudflare sites

can we not have a silicon valley go fast break fast company handle the majority of the internet thanks

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